b r e a t h
BREATH is a dance-documentary work about the state of human/society in a country deprived of freedom of speech and the right to political expression. Through the work with the most lively and uncontrollable manifestation of the body - its breath, Dina Khuseyn and Anna Garafeeva wanted to talk about the suffocating political atmosphere and living in a society that has no right to breathe.

They created this work one and a half years before Russia has carried out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Even then, there was not enough air in the atmosphere, the strangulation of basic human rights and freedoms is becoming the norm. BREATH - it’s an embodied reflection about the right to inhale and exhale in a society where your basic rights are violated every day.

Highly rated by professionals the work got two nominations for the National Theatre Award, 2022: “best contemporary dance performance”, “best contemporary dance choreography”, but the work itself was banned from showing by the authorities in Russia, due to her strong political statement. 

After the outbreak of the war, the work can no longer be shown in Russia, not only because of its ban, but also because all the dancers and creators of the work left the country after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The further life of this project today is possible only in Europe.

“As Russian choreographers today, who left the country after the beginning of the war, we feel that it’s becoming our duty to talk about the political situation inside the country, to clear up how artists was/are living/surviving inside this repressive regime. Firstly we want to spread our anti war position and support for Ukraine, but moving to Europe we see a lot of misconceptions about the situation inside Russia, and we want to spread the message about "how things really are”. - Anna Garafeeva, Dina Khuseyn 

Idea, choreography: Anna GARAFEEVA, Dina KHUSEYN 
Dramaturgy: Anna SEMENOVA-GANZ 
Sound ::VTOL:: 
Scenography: Polina BAKHTINA, Dina BOROVIK 
Light designer: Elena PERELMAN 
Dancers: Taras BURNASHEV, Alexander SHUYSKIY, Katya KALUZHNAYA, Alyona  SHUTOVA, Katya VOLKOVA, Alexey NARUTTO, Egor SAVIN, Natalya OBELCHAK 
Online-premiere - with the support of festivals "Brusfest", "Territory" and Museum of  Moscow, 2020 
two nominations for the GOLDEN MASK National Theatre Award, 2022: best contemporary  dance performance, best contemporary dance choreography.  

Breath is the protagonist of the performance, a kind of manifesto of vitality and freedom. It is the basis of the sound and choreographic score of the performance. How does man breathe today in interaction with others, in a situation of pandemic and social change? Does he have enough air, or does his body become a «suffocating body» under these conditions? During the  performance, the sound of the dancers' breathing is transmitted through microphones and  transformed by passing through algorithmic circuits.