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New collective dances  
Magica Musica Mistica

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Workshop>laboratory>new work

More often we use "dance" as a form of communication, as a tool for communication with oneself and others. Today we find it interesting to understand: why do we dance? What needs we are fulfilling, we can we fulfill, with the help of dance? To which symbols and values we are appealing during the dance?

Looking back to the meaningful dances of our past, for example, dances that raised our morale before the war or dances as a celebration of significant events and considering our collective dances of today: pop, rave, techno; we would like to find and choreograph "our collective dances of today".  What form of collective dances we can invent? So, that it would include not only the physical but also the semantic level: our ideas, desires, and values of today. How can we use dance, with its physical, flesh and bones energy and vitality, as a tool for transformation: Can we talk about common, through our personal physical reality? Can dance express our vision of a human, his relationships with the world? In which level we can change reality by dancing?

Shamelessly mixing and blending different dance styles and trends we are interested to encourage and explore the collective form of organization of the bodies in space, united by common effort, the common task, common sense. Cue points of inspiration and research: Gurdjieff's ecstatic dances, Indian dances and symbols, mudras, national Russian dances, religious dances, different symbolic gestures and signs, hip-hop/pop culture and there symbolic, pagan dances of different cultures.

I would like to implement two directions research>creation process:
One is a practical work carried out through a physical practice with different dancers, in different countries, different contexts, different realities – Workshops>laboratory given by me;
The other one is anthropological research in different territories on local, ancient, and new dances that we were/are dancing for a reason – Research residency.

What would you DANCE FOR today?

What is the power of the dance transmitted to us?