Laboratory SPRING

"Laboratory SPRING" was a space due to a research work on a common language that lies in between contemporary choreography, visual art and musical score. It was en ambitious project of bringing together 15 choreographers and 20 visual/stage artists in common creative collaboration. 

As a starting point of the reflections and research and as a historical example of collective work of the artists from the different art fields on a common production, we took the ballet of Russian Seasons "The rite of Spring" (Nijinsky, Stravinsky and Rerikh). Our main interest was to experience the possibility of creative work of a large group of artists outside the theatrical idea of one "director" domination decision taking. 

The research period took 16 spread in time meetings, consisted of movement courses, discussion panels, lectures, practicing performing and presentation of personal projects. For the creation process we had 8 full days in the space "Boyarsky Palatu" in the center of Moscow. At the end students created one hour performance that filled up the space of "Boyarsky Palatu" with more then 10 different installations under the idea of a "tatal installation" where all the performative actions took space. 


Mentors of the project: Galya Solodovnikova, Polina Bakhtina - visual artists, stage designers;   Dina Khuseyn - choreographer;   Dmitrii Vlasik - musician, theorist.