Laboratory "Body of a sound, sound of a body" was a one week cours lead by Dina Khuseyn with interventions of Vladimir Gorlinsky (composer) and Dmitri Vlasik (musician, theorist). 

The central interest of collaboration between the choreographers and composers was the idea to look on choreography through the musical score practices and on music through the movement practices. For this we created a space where contemporary composers and choreographers could research together on a different possibilities of approaching movement through the tools, rools and language of contemporary music. 

During this week we worked with different possibilities of musical score, sound journey within a body, sound as time, sound as state, with a sense of time in musical and movement composition, with the idea of polyphony in movements and body.We studied the score of some of the pioneers in contemporary music: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Cornelius Cardew, John Cage, Stefan Thut, Christian Wolff and Morton Feldman. And as a part of a research process we experienced this scoors with our own bodies, transfering graphic fixation scoors into movements. 

By the end of the week we've discovered how much similarities this two practices holds concerning the performative practices, how close is the role of composer now days to the role of choreographer and were very much intrigued by the possible future impact on the choreographic practice owing to this meeting and exchanging ideas space.


Laboratory "Body of a sound, sound of a body"


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Documentation: Katya Pomelova