SOTA 2017 / Body in museum spaces




Sota 2017 focuses on the phenomenon of body and corporeality as a space for dialogue in various social and artistic practices.  


We were interested in how the knowledge accumulated in the dance field can be useful and interesting not only to the professional community, but to any person who lives and acts in this world, inevitably interacting with others through his own body. 

The objectives of the program: to comprehend the field of knowledge that dance accumulated on its territory  → build links with other areas of theoretical and artistic practices → explore the possibilities of fixing and transmitting this information through an artistic gesture. 

Partners of SOTA 2017 

SOTA 2017 was supported by: French Institute of Russia, Pro Helvetia Moscow, Contemporary Dance Center "Tsekh", ZIL Cultural Center, Solyanka VPA Gallery, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", OpenLook International Festival, Art Space STANZIA, Theater of Meyerhold.


1 Session / Scores 

3 April – 15 April, Cultural Centre ZIL

Mentors: Dina Khuseyn, Dmitri Kourliandski, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Anastasia Prochutinskaya.

photo: Svetlana Selezneva


2 Session / body>word

20 April – 21 May, Galerie Solyanka VPA

Choreographer / Curator: Dina Khuseyn 

Guest artists: Tatiana Gorgeeva, Ilya Belenkov, Anna Garafeeva 

Guest theorists: Katya Ganushena, Daria Dimekhina

photo: Svetlana Selezneva


3 Session / Roman Photo

Musée de la danse

27 May - 3 June, Central Exhibition Hall MANEGE

Artist invited for transmission: Olga Dukhovnaya

Sound: Pascal Quéneau

photo: Svetlana Selezneva


4 Session / Dancewalk 

Foofwa d’Imobilité


photo: Svetlana Selezneva


Serie of conferences: Territories of Dance

Developed together with Central Exhibition Hall Manege


25 May > "The Theory of Dance" - Anastasia Proshutinskaya and Katya Ganyushina. 

28 May > "Body as a Territory, Body as a Discourse" - Tatiana Gordeeva, Daria Demekhin. 

June 1 > "Space and time in dance: from Cunningham to Charmatz" - Kate Ganyushina. 

June 3 > Round table "Dance and Museums - A step towards each other".

June 8 > "The beginning of dance: ritual, carnival, mystery" - Irina Sirotkina. 

13 June > "Social dance: how the movement changes society" - Nika Parhomovskaya, Anna Garafeeva. 

June 19 - Round table "Territories of Dance". 


5 Session - TOUR

Tour with two performances created in the frame of the program SOTA 2017: "Dancewalk" and "Scores":

21 - 25 June: Kostroma, Art space STANZIA 

June 26-30: Saint-Petersburg, in the frame of International Festival "OpenLook"  

July 3, 4: Moscow, Meyerhold's Theater, in the frame of festival "Performative sammer"