d i n a   k h u s e y n 


community oriented institution

How to invent oneself as an artist? What space can we create to foment research at the intersections of the different arts? How does one get past the notion of “artistic disciplines” to question the power of art and place it in relation to political, social, and philosophical concerns? 


Initiated by Dina Khuseyn this pedagogical, research program encourages its participants to learn and discover within new artistic territories, to meet local and international artists, to practice through thinking and doing, to identify their potentials for artistic action. 


As such, SOTA strives to be a resource place for artists, an experimental work platform for different artistic forms and communities. 


Taking form through a process of collaboration with its participants, by creating a temporary community of artists and researchers, SOTA search for a new way to develop and share knowledge. 

Meeting several times throughout the year at different venues (theaters, art institutions, community centers…), this nomadic laboratory is puting research and production, individual and collective, theory and practice, and teacher and student into conversation. 


With a strong desire to assemble different kinds of people around a multi-faceted research process, SOTA strives to invent a temporary institution in which meetings can support individual research and actions are conceived of from the point of view of their context.  


SOTA is working with questions of artistic community, individual and collective, the act of transmission in art, dance and performance on contemporary art territory. Every SOTA is structured around a different topic of research.  


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