SOTA 2015 / Cross media projects




Creative collaborations between artists of different disciplines emerge as a vital necessity to exchange with people with another skill set and vision of art in order to extend one's tools and enrich one art form through another. In the frame of SOTA 2015 we aimed to bring together artists of various art fields, living in Moscow. Our intention was to let them learn and experiment with different forms of creative exchange, mainly through the notion of common research and creation. 

Interdisciplinary laboratories: 

"Laboratory SPRING" - Creative laboratory with the students of Theatrical Design faculty, visual artists and stage designers (British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow) Galya Solodovnikova, Dina Khuseyn 

"Sound of the body/Body of a sound" - Creative laboratory together with young contemporary composers from Moscow. Dina Khuseyn, Dmitri Kurliandsky, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Dmitri Vlasik.

Описание изображения

 events / performances, within the program 2015






Participants of SOTA 2015