SOTA@GARAGE 2016  / Mass vs. Multitude: Alternative Spaces



SOTA this year was organized as part of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art public program. The program included training, discussions, independent work, workshops with leading professionals from Russia and abroad, public events, and a contemporary dance and performance festival. 

The main focus was on the phenomena of mass social, theatrical, political, and performative practices, as well as modes and means of engagement with alternative spaces. The main area of interest was directed toward the research of change in the perception of collectiveness and compatibility, as well as on today’s attitude toward mass actions — how does today’s idea of "together" differ from our perception of it several years ago? Using their bodies as instruments, unifying and separating at the same time, students were trying to understand whether collective experience means the loss of individuality (and the rise of the "mass") or a new way of being together while still preserving singularity (the "multitude"). 

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photo: Elena Kholkina


 Video documentation of SOTA@GARAGE Performance Festival

Фестиваль перформанса «СОТА@ГАРАЖ» в Музее «Гараж» | SOTA@GARAGE Performance Festival at Garage

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Peformative walk from the Cultural center Perspektiva to Museum of contemporary art GARAGE "common body in public space"

photo: Svetlana Selezneva


Performance of Isabelle Schad and Laurent Goldring "Collective Jumps". 

photo: Elena Kholkina


Boris Charmatz "Levée des conflits". Done by Matthieu Burner.

photo: Svetlana Selezneva


Personal works from the participants at SOTA@GARAGE performance festival.


photo: Elena Kholkina, Albina Mokhryakova


SOTA participants 2016