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"Impro-Battle" SOTA + VaganOFF&ko, with "Lego is Ego" in ElectroTheater Stanislavsky

"Lego is Ego" is a side-project of two Russian choreographers, Alexander Andriyashkin and Alexander Lyubashin. They define their genre as performative dj-ing: making music for non-existing performances.They proposed to the students of two educational programs from Moscow and St. Petersburg (SOTA and VaganOFF&ko) to create a collective performative action. Each group of students had a separate impro set of 30 minutes and then one collective set all together, during which the participants were invited to create an improvised performance together with "Lego is Ego". The chalange of the performance was to create in real time as for the music so for the dance/performance.


photo: Svetlana Selezneva


Impro set: SOTA

Обработка видео...

Обработка видео...

Impro set: SOTA and VaganOFF&ko